Diversity and Inclusion – Practice what you preach

Gestalt, by definition, refers to the form or shape of something and suggests that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. If we consider the organization to be the whole, the parts are the diverse people who work for the organization. Inclusion becomes the binding element that glues the diversity and facilitates the process of making the organization “a whole”. Only human beings are endowed with superior intelligence, capable of discriminating their fellow beings and thereby reducing or eliminating the opportunity for a person to feel equal, unlike other species in nature like plants/animals who do not feel superior or inferior to the other.

D&I at Omega

At Omega Healthcare, our Corporate Values reinforce Equality, Respect for the Individual, and Collaboration, with the aim to eliminate discrimination of any form and focus on valuing each individual for who they are.

Omega appreciates and recognizes that diversity comes in several forms; age, culture, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, or persons with disabilities. Irrespective of the industry, having a diverse workforce has shown to have tangible benefits based on the various perspectives an organization gains by hiring individuals from a varied set of backgrounds.

Practicing D&I

However, hiring an assorted set of individuals alone isn't enough to see results, implementing a set of practices that preach inclusiveness is key to tapping into the potential of said diversity. In fact, the concept of inclusivity, in the long run, will prove to be more crucial for the health of any organization as it is much more challenging to motivate a group of people with varying beliefs to come together in order to attain a common goal.

It would also be futile to have a diverse workforce without having the right practices in place that help retain people. Having a significant amount of turnover is a setback, both time and money-wise.

The trickle-down effect

Indeed, the organizations that best implement practices of diversity and inclusion are those that have a diverse boardroom. As with anything in life, it is imperative to practice what we preach. Hence having a diversified set of executives eventually leads to a trickle-down effect whereby every employee will subconsciously have the belief that they too could aspire into C-suite positions irrespective of their current role within the organization.


At the end of the day, an individual should only be judged on their talent, skills, and commitment, though diversity and inclusion are crucial to the success of any institution. Compromising one for the other will eventually have an adverse effect, and it is imperative that hiring managers walk that tight rope carefully.

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